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The Best Surf Spots in Taghazout

From the best time to surf to the best surf spots: find out all you need to know about surf in Taghazout.


Can you Surf in Taghazout?

Taghazout is considered to be the surf capital of Morocco, and for good reason. The town, officially a traditional Moroccan fishing village, started attracting many hippies, tourists, artists and musicians around the 50s and 60s. When you stroll down the relaxed center of Taghazout, your eye is caught by the many surf shops, smoothie bars and visitors from all around the world.

One thing that makes Taghazout great for surfing in Morocco, is the variety of good surf spots for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. Whether you are learning how to surf for the first time, or you are an advanced surfer looking to catch some waves, you will enjoy surfing in Taghazout. Keep reading for a list of the best surf spots in the Taghazout region.

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What is the Best Time to Surf in Taghazout?

The swell season in Taghazout is from October till April. This means the Autumn and Winter months in Taghazout will have the best waves for advanced surfers looking to catch larger waves. However, if you are still new to the wonderful world of surfing, you will find that Taghazout has excellent surf spots all year round.

Another advantage of surfing in Taghazout, is the year-round warm weather. Morocco is blessed with 300 days of sun, even in the winter. However, as the average water temperature in Taghazout lingers between an average of 69.6°F / 20.9°C in September and 63.5°F / 17.5°C in February, it is best to bring a wetsuit for your surf trip to Taghazout.

For more detailed information about the year-round surf conditions in Taghazout, check out the best time to surf in Morocco.


What are the best Surf Spots in Taghazout?

In the Taghazout region, you will find some of the most popular surf spots in all of Morocco. We have listed some of our favorites below.

  • Desert Point.
    Desert Point is a famous surf break with one of the longest right-hand waves. It starts working with 5 ft up. Bigger swells produce waves and fast sections. Most of the time, Desert Point works with offshore winds that can really produce a perfect wave – meaning point breaks in low tide instead high tide.
  • Dracula’s.
    Dracula’s has one of the best waves in the south of Morocco. This surf spot gets its fascinating name due to its sharp rocks like vampire’s teeth. This is one of the most demanding spots and therefore, only recommended for advanced surfers. It can get really tricky paddling out and in, as Dracula’s produces waves with northerly big swell, and can be one of the best waves to surf during your surf trip to Morocco.
  • Killer’s Point.
    With one of the best point breaks, Killer’s Point is considered the most consistent of all the point breaks in the South of Morocco. This 400m long wave has a lot to offer when it comes to speed sections and barrels. During low tide on small swells, the waves start at the north end of the cliff, providing a short left and a sectioning right. When the swell picks up, vertical walls provide barrels and very hollow sections. It can be a very long paddling when it’s high tide, while paddling out in low tide is a lot easier.
  • Anchor Point.
    Anchor Point is considered one of the best surf spots in all of Morocco, famous for its clean lines and consistency on all tides. Anchor Point can handle up to 13ft with massive swell. Its point breaks come with sand and reef bottoms with three different sections, where you can go for cover-ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 400m if the sections connect…
  • La Source.
    La Source has really nice waves for all levels, both right and left hand. Right-hand waves can be longer than left hands, because of the detection of the swell. Reef sections combined with sandy sections make for long, clean waves. This surf spot is located between the famous Anchor Point and Killer’s Point.

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Where to Book your Surfing Holiday in Taghazout?

At KosaSurf Morocco, our passionate surf teachers bring over 12 years of experience in surf lessons.

Your surfing holiday with KosaSurf Morocco includes:

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  • Small coach-to-client ratios
  • Traditional Moroccan accommodation and tasty meals
  • Various day trips, for example to Imssouan, Essouira or the Agadir market)
  • Activities (paragliding, skating, sandboarding, horse riding)

Are you ready to surf in Morocco? You can now check out our packages. Would you first like to know more about our surf hostel, our lessons or our surf teachers? Feel free to reach out to us!

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